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The Egyptian French Company for Plants Tissue Culture S.A.E (EFC Plants) is a leading Plants Tissue Culture Lab and Plant Research and Development Center. EFC Plants is specialized in the development and the micro propagation of Date Palms Palm Plants, Potato mini-tubers and other plants.

The Egyptian French Textile Agriculture Company LLC has a deep belief in the importance of innovation and scientific research. Innovation in processes and products gives the company a major comparative advantage in a market that follows technological progress, and for this the company is interested in cooperating with Egyptian and foreign universities, institutes and research bodies, through national and European research projects and self-financing.
Planting tissue culture
The process of plant tissue culture begins with the selection of native plants with healthy, productive, and characteristic characteristics that are disease-free, and then parts of the tissues of these plants are removed, disinfected and then transplanted into sterile agricultural media. And by planting these tissues in a specific nutrient medium, we can partially control in further development and to encourage multiplication or rooting.
These young plants are grown under sterile conditions in equipped growth rooms, which are optimally regulated in terms of quality and intensity of lighting, temperature and air purity. And these conditions of growth are very favorable so that the multiplication process can be repeated every five to eight weeks.
Then the plants are transferred to the company’s greenhouses. These advanced greenhouses controlled by temperature, humidity, and lighting enable us to produce 365 days a year.
The heating system provides continued production in the winter months and production continues using the cooling system in the summer.
The assets of the selected plants are kept in sterile laboratory conditions in the gene bank within the company’s laboratories and are constantly renewed. This is a great advantage for our customers, who specifically need to obtain similar strains in the genetic makeup of native plants and free of diseases

The company is a member of family owned conglomerate, completing the group success path which started with its first company established in 1984 as a small building contracting company. The company starting growing bigger and transformed to a group of companies engaged in 6 different industrial and services sectors with more than 350 employees in 2019.

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